Wed 17 March – Resin Workshop

Experiences with resins in woodturning – three club members’ journeys.

The world of woodturning is forever evolving, with new techniques, new materials and new tools. The use of resins has grown with more and more people trying their hand and we thought it was time for the Berkshire Woodturners to look into the “resin cauldron” and see what it was all about as the subject had arisen during our epic pen making exploration last month.    
We discovered that at least four members of the club had experience in this area, and from that arose the title of this session “Experiences with resins in woodturning – three club members’ journeys”. If you should be wondering why there are only three members’ journeys and not four, well the fourth is going to answer all of your questions, and because we have a Resin Guru please make sure that you have questions or else!