Previous Demonstrations

2022 MonthDemonstratorProject
January 2022Stuart Furini (IRD)Colouring / Airbrushing
February 2022Michael Gibson (IRD)Teapot
March 2022Ben DickTurmkreisel
April 2022Malcolm CleaverWall Plaque / Shield
May 2022Emma Cook (Shared IRD with Kennet Valley)

None (Trial of inhouse turnings)
Resin and Burr bowl

June 2022None (Wood Auction)N/A
July 2022Martin Saban-SmithRing Box
August 2022None (30th Birthday Social)N/A
September 2022Gary RanceBox with Corian insert, Spinning Top, Xmas Decoration, Pear
October 2022None (AGM)N/A
November 2022Darren Breeze (IRD)Sunrise Bowl
December 2022None (Social)N/A
2023 MonthDemonstratorProject
January 2023Chris Parker (Bald Woodturner) (IRD)Carving and heavy texturing of boxes / bowls / platters
February 2023Colwin Way (IRD)Tool skill with the skew, turning
between centres and turning a wet oak vessel
March 2023Malcolm Cleaver (In person)Cube to Cornered Bowl
April 2023Rick Dobney (IRD)Offset bowl in a bowl
May 2023Harvey Grimwood (In person)A project involving both faceplate and spindle turning
June 2023Sphere demonstration / challenge – by club membersSpheres
July 2023Gary Rance (In person)Pocket Watch stand / Apple
August 2023Wood Sale and Jo Sonja paints demo by LynnA hands-on opportunity for members to trial Jo Sonja paints and finishes
September 2023Les Thorne (In person)Small Urn with pedestal and finial
October 2023None (AGM)N/A
November 2023Ron Caddy (In person)Ballpoint Pen and a Fountain/Rollerball Pen using wood and acrylics
December 2023None (Social)N/A