Malcolm Cleaver

Malcolm Cleaver

Malcolm Cleaver

“Spinfield Turners”

I have lived in Marlow since 1984 but only took up woodturning in 2015 when I retired from managing a civil engineering design consultancy. I am now totally addicted to the very hands-on business of spinning up large lumps of wood on a lathe and making big piles of wood shavings.

I turn a wide variety of items both large and small mostly for fun, family, friends and to support the Chiltern MS Centre charity. I do enjoy creating pieces where the natural beauty of the wood speaks for itself. But I also really love adding texture and colour to my turnings to create unique art pieces.  Wood is a complex and variable material so each piece I make is unique.

I am chairman of Berkshire Woodturners Association, give regular turning demonstrations (live, on Zoom and on You Tube) and when time allows do an odd bit of woodturning teaching too.



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