Here is a list of the 2021 monthly competition themes:

2021Competition Themes
JanuaryA Square or Multi-sided Platter, it may be stained with a SINGLE colour if that enhances it
FebruaryA musical instrument e.g. a whistle, a flute or a string instrument
MarchTurn a bowl, platter, or vase using a mix of material(s) e.g. HDPE, Resin, Soap Stone, Aluminium, Brass, Pewter, Horn, False Ivory, Corian and anything else you wish. Naturally, you may incorporate some wood but the idea is to make the alternate materials the star of your turning.
AprilHollow Form with an inlet as narrow as possible
MayA flying form e.g. a bird, an aeroplane or a bat, use your imagination? Gluing items to the turning is acceptable, as is carving
JunA child’s toy
JulA candle holder or electric lamp creation, looking for a design outside the box
AugAn instrument associated with writing e.g. a pen, a magnifying glass or letter opener
SepA time piece – watch or clock
OctSomething associated with the sea, i.e. a fish, a sea creature, a ship, a lighthouse etc.
NovSomething associated with Christmas, e.g. a tree decoration, Santa etc.
DecKeith Sherwood Competition

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation the BWA Competitions will continue to be run from photos sent to the committee for collation and judged by a ‘competition panel’ from the BWA Committee. The ‘virtual competition table’ is sent out to all BWA members in a PDF document.

Only those who have entered pieces are listed in the tables below.

For the duration of the photo competition we will not be awarding a points bonus to those who do the judging. If one or more of the usual judges wishes to enter the competition, other judges are ready to step in to award points to their pieces. This isn’t possible in a live judging situation.

Points are awarded as follows: 10 points for 1st, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, 7 for 4th, 6 for 5th and 4 for any remaining.