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competion judging

At Berkshire Woodturners we invite professional woodturners to our club nights to show us the techniques, tools and processes they use to turn their work in the hope that some of their expertise will appeal to our members.


competion judging

As well as the monthly demonstrations providing inspiration to our members, we encourage all our members of whatever turning standard to develop their turning skills through a regular monthly competition and bi-monthly turning workshops.


competion judging

Berkshire Woodturners are very active in the local community delivering demonstrations at Craft Fairs and similar local events, We also hold free Taster Sessions so local non-turners can give woodturning a try without having to go to the expense of buying all of the necessary equipment.

Future BWA Activities

16 May - BWA Club Night

Initially this was to be a club turner. All was arranged, it was looking good, then work got in the way. A new work committment meant our volunteer had to cancel.

A couple of alternates were approached but various other commitments prevented them doing the demo. We tried a couple of local 'professional' turners but they were preparing for some big shows that took place over the last couple of weeks

So our demonstrator will be Keith Mosley turning an Al Stirt inspired Square Platter with some texturing.

The competition theme is "A Lidded Urn". Our judge will be Terry Stephens

Textured Platter

20 June - BWA Club Night "The Auction

Once again Richard Maynard will cajole you into parting with your hard-earned cash to buy various bits of timber and some tools and ancillary bits and pieces.

We have some Walnut, Oak, Lime and Acacia and various other interesting species of timber

If you have any old or unwanted tools and equipment bring it along for the second part of the auction and we will try and sell it for you. The club will take a small percentage for club funds.

The BWA Auction

BWA Summer Workshops (but at least one is actually in the Autumn!!)

The planned dates are 15 July, 16 September and 14 October. It is planned the workshops wil take place at Rob Legge's workshop in Eversley.

The suggested topics are:

      Beginners Bowls and Boxes;

      Embellishing and Advanced Turning - Chinese Balls, Using Pewter, Pyrography;

      Tool handles, copy turning and jigs.

These are not fixed in stone. If you have any suggestions for topics let us know.

BWA Workshop

20 May Bracknell Town Council's Spring Event

A low-key, fun event at the Jock's Lane Park. The postcode is RG12 2BH

BWA will be doing some Woodturning demonstrations in our marquee

Come along and join in the fun. If you fancy doing some turning bring along some tools.

A club workshop session

Previous Month's Activities

18 April BWA Club Night

An old favourite, Les Thorne came along to demonstrate. As always plenty of banter, some good turning with loads of explanation of why he was doing it the way he did it and lots of guidance on good tool presentation and the safety aspects.

Les has been visiting BWA for a number of years and is a firm favourite for good reason.

Les Thorne Demonstrates

Timber Collection

Since the beginning of the year we seem to have been out collecting timber of various species fairly regularly.

The most recent collection was of some Walnut from Mr Roland Thomas just outside Wokingham on May 14

But we have also collected some Acacia, a couple of loads of Oak and some Laburnum.

All of this wood will be auctioned on June 20th.

However the timber needs to be processed into sensibly sized blanks.

So on Sunday 10 June (11:00 to 14:00) we will hold a wood processing session at Rob Legge's workshop in Eversley to split, cut and seal the timber held. If you can come along and help let Rob or David Blundell know. If you are new to processing harvested timber it wil be a good chance to get a better understanding of the process.

Some Oak collected in January

5/6 May Maker's Central at the NEC

Another Internet based Maker's show. This one a more general 'craft' show which brought together craftsmen from all over the UK and beyond. Quite different in that most of those presenting were letting people have a go rather than simply demonstrating. Held at the NEC in Birmingham it was very interesting and next year if it happens again will be one of the "go-to" shows.

The inspiration behind it was Stuart Furini who will be our demonstrator in July.

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