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BWA Club Night Schedule

All Club Night events will be held at Priestwood Community Centre

See the separate list below for external BWA events

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17 January 2018 Martin Saban Smith A Coloured Item (at least two colours)
7 February 2018 BWA Drop-In Workshop BWA Sphere Jig Demo - Hits and Tips #1
21 February 2018 Gary Rance A Cake Stand
7 March 2018 BWA Drop-In Workshop Hollowing Tool Try-Out - Hits and Tips #1
21 March 2018 Open Evening A Pommander
4 April 2018 BWA Drop-In Workshop Hits and Tips - Spindle Turning
18 April 2018 Les Thorne A Table Lamp
16 May 2018 Keith Mosley A Lidded Urn
20 June 2018 BWA Auction Night A Pedestal Bowl
15 July 2018 Postponed BWA Summer Workshop - Rob Legge's Workshop Turning Bowls and Boxes
18 July 2018 Stuart Furnini A Turned Puzzle
15 August 2018 Jason Smith A Honey Pot and Dipper
16 September 2018 BWA Summer Workshop - Rob Legge's Workshop Turning Bowls and Boxes
19 September 2018 Richard Maynard A Pair of Candlesticks
14 October 2018 BWA Summer Workshop - Rob Legge's Workshop Tool handles, copy turning and jigs. (Topics TBC)
17 October 2018 Annual General Meeting A Jack-O'Lantern (it doesn't have to be a face!)
21 November 2018 Stuart King A Trophy
19 December 2018 Christmas Social Evening Keith Sherwood Competition

BWA External Event Schedule

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13/14 April 2018 Yandles Woodworking Show Martock, Somerset, TA12 6JU
5/6 May 2018 Makers Central NEC Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
20 May 2018 Bracknell Town Council Spring Event Jocks Lane Park, Bracknell
2/3 June 2018 Toolpost Open Day Toolpost, Didcot
23 June 2018 Hurst Show and Country Fair Hurst Village
24-27 August 2018 Henley Handmade Fair (Note: BWA not demo'ing) Stonor Park, Stonor near Henley
7/8 September 2018 Yandles Woodworking Show Martock, Somerset, TA12 6JU
5-7 October 2018 AWGB Seminar Stone, Staffordhire
12-14 October 2018 Kempton Park Tool Show (D&M Tools) Kempton Park, Surrey
28 October 2018 (TBC) Surrey Woodturners Association Open Day The Mychett Centre, Mychett

BWA Club Nights

Wednesday Club Nights

Generally the club night will be based around a turning demonstration. BWA will invite a professional turner to visit the club and show the members how to turn a particular item, demonstrate the use of a particular tool or turning technique.

Interspersed in the demonstrations are special events; an Open Evening ; an Auction; the Annual General Meeting; the Christmas Special.

In 2018, BWA will be running three additional Club Evenings at Priestwood Community Centre. These will be Drop-In Workshops. The club lathes will be on hand. The intent is to allow BWA Club members to bring along problem pieces to get some guidance from more experienced turners, to try out new equipment and potentially have some beginners Training Sessions and Taster Sessions.

The Open Evening

This evening is a general social evening to give members a chance to chat and get to know each other. Each of the four club lathes will be in use for brief demonstrations by club members of a particular technique or tool, or finishing method. Some members will bring along their sharpening systems to provide guidance on sharpening tools.

The Annual General Meeting

On this evening the BWA management Committe will report the previous years activities, provide a set of accounts for the year and outline a plan for the following year. Officers will be elected to the committee and the members attending will be given an opportunity to comment on the previous years perfromance and make recommendations for the upcoming year.

2016 Auction Night

The Auction

On this evening clubs funds will be boosted by selling timber blanks, tools, video and books. The timber blanks, generally from native British trees, are collected by club volunteers during the year and auctioned at very reasonable prices. This is a good opportunity to obtain some interesting timber at prices far cheaper than will be seen at any commercial outlet. Association members are also invited to sell any unwanted tools; a small percentage of the money received will go towards club funds. The videos and books sold are generally from the clubs loan stock.

The Christmas Special

Another social evening with a glass of wine and some nibbles. The evening will include a raffle, a hands-on turning competition to turn a Christmas Bauble, a Secret-Santa bran-tub and the Association prize giving. The monthly competition will be a special competition for the Sherwood Trophy (see the competions page for details)

BWA Workshop

Hands-On Workshop Sessions

These are held roughly every two months through-out the year. They are full day events, generally at the weekend, held either held at a members workshop or at Priestwood Community Centre.

They are generally based on a particular turning technique, eg bowl turning, box turning or spindle turning. The club provides the lathes, mentoring from some of the more experienced turners and lots of coffee. The attendees provide the wood, the tools and the enthusiasm. A small charge is levied to cover any costs

Jack Johnson's timber

External Events

BWA is becoming more involved in providing demonstrations with the intent of both promoting woodturning and attracting new members.

We have been providing demonstrations to local groups including the Women's Institute, The Scouts. We have also attended local Craft Fairs, Garden Centres and Vilage Fetes.

The events are supported by club members who will provide the demonstration using the club lathes.

Mark Hancock and the Goblet he turned

BWA Wood Collection

BWA often get offers to harvest timber which can be used for woodturning. This might vary from small lengths of timber cut down in a local garden, to large trees.

BWA has a number of members experienced in using chain saws and associated equipment. Where necessary, a small work party will be organised to collect and process the timber. The timber will then be sold to club members, generally through the BWA Auction in June.

Jack Johnson's timber