The Berkshire Woodturners Association is based in Bracknell and draws woodturners from East Berkshire and South Hertfordshire

Stop Press - A number of key news items have hit the press this week.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have announced that :-

"A substantial number of face masks, claiming to be of KN95 standards, provide an inadequate level of protection and are likely to be poor quality products accompanied by fake or fraudulent paperwork. These face masks may also be known as filtering facepiece respirators."

Full details can be found on the HSE website.

BWA Coffee Mornings

Every Wednesday @ 11:00 we will have a Zoom chat to speak about what people are up to and how they are doing. You should have received an email with the meeting details, if not give Shirley a call or drop her an email.

Drop in and let us know how you are, there is no need to stay long.

BWA Competitions to Re-start

The first results following the re-start of the BWA Monthly Competitions can be found on the Competition Gallery page of the website. A good number of entries were received. The competition was judged by the BWA Committee.

Further results will appear on the website as they are judged, roughly one every week until we have caught up.

Full details of how the competitions will work were published in the recent BWA Newsletter. The newsletter can be read here

This week the committee is looking for entries to the May Club Night competition for which the theme is "Something Light". Entries to Viv by Sunday please

AWGB Seminar 2020

The AWGB have had to bow to the consequences of the Covid 19 Lockdown and have postponed the AWGB Seminar to September 2021, Full details are available on the AWGB Website

As a consequence we will not be recieving our planned demonstration from Tim Yoder in October, though Roger Phebey will try to get Tim to do an IRD for BWA in the coming weeks

Chestnut Weekender 2020

Sadly, Terry Smart and his gang at Chestnut Products have had to cancel the 2020 Chestnut Weekender

But now some good news - the plan is to hold a Virtual Woodturning Weekender on 1st and 2nd of August using Zoom. Emma Cook (The Tiny Turner) and Stuart Furini will be demonstrating and it will be free. Full details to follow

Henley Country Craft Fair - Stonor 28 -31 August 2020

Yet another events cancelled for 2020. Hopefully it will be back in 2021.

Surrey Woodturners Open Day 2020

Yet another event which has been cancelled for 2020. Does this mean BWA would not retain the trophy even if we did win it again in 2021!!?

The First Remote Interactive Woodturning Seminar

AAW, the American Association of Woodtuners has just announced that their 2020 Seminar, initially cancelled because of the Covid-19 Lockdown, will now take place as a virtual seminar over 10, 11 and 12 July. For more details visit the AAW website here

Sample photo

Virtual Woodturning Clubs

As a consequence of the recent spate of Interactive Remote Demonstration we now have a new phenomenon; virtual woodturning clubs!

There are two hosted here in the UK. There may be more I am unaware of.

Both clubs are based on delivering demonstrations and club meetings into peoples homes using Zoom.

Both are in their infancy. They appear to be offering pretty much the same 'experience'. The significant difference is in the method of payment; The Woodturning Zoom Club UK appears to be free to join and then any pro-turner demonstrations are paid for on registration, whereas with the Woodturning 360 club there is a joining fee (but you do get a pin badge and a patch for your smock!) and a monthly subscription.

The catchily titled 'Woodturning Zoom Club UK' is a Facebook group. The link to the Facebook page is here

The group appears to something like the Grit and Sheen facebook group but with added Zoom demonstrations and meetings. Cindy is a member and has demonstrated already. Stewart Furini is also a member. And Derek Weidmann, an amazing wood sculptor who happens to use a lathe, demonstrated last week.

Woodturning 360 is a "Woodturning Club for a Modern World" (their words not mine). It is run by Martin Saban-Smith and Phil Boulter and is owned and operated by Hampshire Sheen Limited. Woodturning 360 has already arranged a fairly full list of demonstrators to deliver monthly Interactive Remote Demonstration. They also plan Zoom based club meetings once a month, including a Member's Challenge competition, and a range of additional activities in line with many traditional woodturning clubs. There is a website and a Facebook page. Full details and access to the Facebook page can be found at the Woodturning360 website

Sample photo

Jeff Hornung will be demonstrating from his workshop in St Louis

This will be an Interactive Remote Demonstration based on the 'system' introduced by Alan Zenreich and previously seen in use for the Cindy Drozda demo.


Jeff Hornung

This demo will now be done direct into your home via the Internet. Before the demo takes place, you will recieve an email with a link which will allow you to connect through a programme called 'Zoom". A guide to connecting to Zoom and the conduct of the demo can be found here

Sample photo

Jeff is a well-known woodturner in the United States. He runs the Walnut Log Studio from where he sells his turned items and various woodturning tools and materials, including Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen.

Jeff has also visited the UK turning at the UK and Ireland Woodturning Symposium in 2018

Jeff is active both through FaceBook and YouTube. He will be demonstrating a square plate with a bead foot and a bronze finish.

This is a shared demo with the Kennet Valley club.

Sample photo

Emma Cook, 'The Tiny Turner' will be demonstrating from her workshop in Yorkshire

Note the date. This demo will be on Tuesday 14 July which is the Kennet Valley club night.

Again this will be an Interactive Remote Demonstration.


Emma Cook - The Tiny Turner

This demo will now be done direct into your home via the Internet. Before the demo takes place, you will recieve an email with a link which will allow you to connect through a programme called 'Zoom". A guide to connecting to Zoom and the conduct of the demo can be found here

Sample photo

This is a shared demo with the Kennet Valley club and will be held on what would be the normal Kennet Valley club night rather than the BWA Wednesday club night.

Emma started woodturning through her Uncle and younger brother and then worked in the local woodturning supply store.

Emma is now well-known for selling glass balls with LED lights which can form the basis of Christmas decorations.

Not only is Emma an excellent woodturner she is also a very good woodcarver. Emma has a fascination with Dragons when carving, though she will be turning a mallet for us.

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Up and Coming Live Remote demos


Some Up and Coming IRDs

Note: Martin Saban-Smith's demonstrations listed are to be provided through the new Woodturning 360 'club'. There are already in excess of 100 members of this club so it is highly likely that these demos will be extremely popular. It is not clear whether there will be a limit on the numbers who can join.

This list is not complete. There are so many pro turners doing Live demos across Zoom these days it is difficult to keep up with it.

If you have a favourite turner its worth looking at their Social Media pages or their website to see if they are doing such demos.

Many of these demos will have a cost (generally around £10 or $10) and a registration process so if you are interested follow the link to register. And they do get fully booked quite quickly.

And remember IRDs from the US might be at strange time due to the time difference. Make a note of the US time zone where the demo is based and covert the time to British Summer Time. And IRDS from Australia will be at even stranger times!!

It is also worth looking at the AWGB site. They are trying to run IRDS every second Sunday and do a couple of 'Meet the Turner Sessions each week. Initially these demos and chat sessions were free to all to view but now require registration and so might now be reserved for AWGB members.

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Berkshire Woodturner's Third IRD

Malcolm Cleaver and Stewart Furini Demonstrated

Once again a shared demo with Kennet Valley.


Malcom and Stewart's Turned Items

Malcolm's box started off as a 10" square cube of Cedar. The blank was held by two opposing corners in the headstock spindle and a live ring centre with the centre-point removed. Malcolm then turned the shape of the bottom of the bowl and then turned a tenon. The blank was then mounted with the tenon in a chuck with a gripper jaw so top of the bowl could be shaped and then the inside hollowed.

Once completed and finished a Purpleheart top was turned to fit the box and a blackwood finial turned to finish the whole thing off.

Though based on video sequences the method worked well allowing the important elements of the turning to be explained more fully and the repetitive elements skipped over. Malcolm commentated over the video sequences and answered questions from the participants

One of key pieces of advice given by Malcolm to anyone turned a winged bowl of this type was to keep fingers and knuckles on the turner's side of the toolrest as catching either in the fast spinning wings will hurt.

Sample photo

Malcolm Cleaver's Triangular Winged Box

Stewart's demo was a full-blown IRD. Because of the relatively short time available Stewart only textured half of the bowl. The texturing was done with a fairly aggressive Proxxon based cutter. This was then coloured based on colours selected by the participants.

Stewart then turned a detail rim on the top of the bowl side. This again was textured but this time a little more subtly

Sample photo

Stewart Furini's texture Bowl

Both items were beautifully turned and a credit to the two turners.

Sample photo

BWA July Club Night

For the BWA July Club Night we will not now be running a virtual auction of wood and tools.

We will be selling some wood but in a separate, direct sale,

And rather than having an auction for tools the club will create a 'For Sale' area on the website.

Further information is available under the Read More button, but full details of how these initiatives will work will appear in the newsletter and on the website.


BWA July Club Night

Sample photo

Unfortunately you will not be handed your new blank by Richard Maynard as seen in the photo.

The wood sale will be done by members visiting Shirley Hays' garden where the blanks will be laid out on tables and priced. Most of the wood will be 'dry' blanks which have come out of a retired members wood store. Members will be asked to choose a time slot. All prices will be to round pounds. The money will be dropped into a container. The date is yet to be determined. Full details will be in the next newsletter and on the website.

Rather than auction the tools, the club will create a 'For Sale' page on the website. Members will submit details of any tools or other items linked to woodturning through the BWA Webmaster or the BWA Secretary complete with a picture or two and a description. Members must set a price to be paid for the item.

The 'For Sale' area will be the private side of the website. Access will be via a Username and Password. This will take a little effort to set up but we hope to have the page ready immediately after the July Club Night

The 'For Sale' page will an opprotunity to declutter your workshop, grab a bargain and help the Club funds stay healthy!

You will find an example PDF catalogue with a few example items here in the documents library.

The 'For Sale' page will also have a 'Wanted' area. As for items to be sold, please send details of the wanted item to the BWA Webmaster or BWA Secretary.

So, if you have any items you’d like to put on the 'For Sale' page , please send the BWA Webmaster or the BWA Secretary (email addresses in the page footer) an email with:

- a description (If you can find the item online, a link will be all you need to describe it).

- any pertinent comments (e.g. it’s half empty)

- and as many photos as you think would be needed.

- the price wanted and your contact details

Competition Status


Totals Turner
1020Leigh Pawson
1010John French
10Simon Armson

There were no entries in the Beginners Section for the January 2020 Club Night

Competition Status


Totals Turner
3872Justyn Fowler
3160Malcolm Cleaver
3269Richard Audsley
2552Trevor Doran
723Colin Burge
1020Keith Mosley
15Viv Mitchell
88Chris Cox

Competition Status


Totals Turner
2653Stephen Evans
2050Harvey Grimwood
1029Jim Coombs
1717Charlie Hayes
10Peter Pearson

Competition Themes

JanSomething Old
FebSomething New
MarSomething Borrowed
AprSomething Blue
MaySomething Light
JunSomething Square
JulSomething Bright
AugSomething with Petals
SepSomething Holey
OctSomething with Metal
NovA Sum of the Parts
DecKeith Sherwood Comp