The Berkshire Woodturners Association is based in Bracknell and draws woodturners from East Berkshire and South Hertfordshire

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BWA Remote Live Demo Test Monday 6th April

Try out a remote Live Demo using the same technology to be used for the Cindy Drozda demo on 15th April.

BWA will be running a woodturning demo using Zoom and vMix in the same way Cindy Drozda will deliver her demo on Finials.

The first BWAdemo will happen on Monday April 6th at 7pm (the demo will start at 7:30). A second BWA demo will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 8th April.

The BWA demos will run for between 40 to 60 minutes. The two demos will be different. There wil be a chance to 'chat' before and after the demo.

We will be using the Zoom software, which although it has been receiving bad press on security grounds we believe to be perfectly safe for a woodturning demo. All you will need to connect is PC, Laptop, tablet or smart phone and an Internet connection. A webcam and microphone will enhance the experience.

All BWA members will receive two emails. The first will confirm the date and time and provide details of how to connect and the way in which the meeting will be conducted. The second will arrive not long before the meeting and will contain the Internet link to the meeting.

BWA Coronavirus Shut Down

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BWA Shut Down Details

To comply with Government advice in combating the Coronavirus outbreak. BWA will not be meeting in person at Priestwood for the foreseeable future

Priestwood Community Centre is now closed

However, the BWA Committee have managed to organise some events for BWA members to enjoy from their own homes using technology available through the Internet.

In the first of these the interactive, remote live demo from Cindy Drozda, which we should have seen on the screens at Priestwood will now be delivered to a computer near you.

The committee will be reviewing the situation on a regular basis and will be issuing regular updates via email notification, the BWA Newsletter and the BWA Website

You will recognise the committee has taken this action to ensure the health and safety of the BWA membership. We thank you for your patience in these difficult times

BWA Club Night Replacement Activity

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Alternative Meetings

As a means of keeping the club 'ticking over' during the enforced shutdown, the committee is investigating the use of Zoom software.

This software allows interactive chat sessions and demonstrations through an Internet connection.

A number of trial sessions have been conducted with the help of Cindy Drozda. Cindy has been a great help to BWA in developing this capability.

The system for the interactive, remote demonstrations has been developed by Alan Zenreich in the US.

Watch this space and the newsletter for further news on what is planned

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Cindy Drozda will demonstrate from her workshop in Colorado

For the April Club Night we will be having a remote, live and inter-active demo by Cindy Drozda from her workshop in Boulder, Colorado


Cindy Drozda

This demo will now be done direct into your home via the Internet. Before the demo takes place, you will recieve an email with a link which will allow you to connect through a programme called 'Zoom". A guide to connecting to Zoom and the conduct of the demo can be found here

Cindy is one of the most in-demand turners in the USA. She is know all over the world for the spectactular boxes she turns and the finials that adorn them.

The plan is that Cindy will describe how she designs and then turns her finials.

The demonstration will be done live over the internet. As well as seeing what Cindy is doing, we will be able to talk to Cindy and ask questions

We will be using a system designed by Alan Zenreich for AAW.

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Cindy Drozda at the lathe.

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New Technology Arrives Just In Time

Carrying on BWA Meetings in the Face of the Coronavirus

By using the technology which will allow us to get a demo from Cindy Drozda's workshop in Colorado we will be able to continue holding BWA Meetings despite the Priestwood Community Centre being closed.

We will be bringing the meetings into your home.


Interactive Remote Demo (IRD) technology has been developed in the US by Alan Zenriech

IRD was developed in the States to allow woodturning clubs all over the US to see demos by turners who live a considerable distance away from the individual clubs without having to pay a significant amount for travel.

The 'IRD systems' installed in the turners workshop uses video mixing software (vMix) and video conferenceing software (Zoom) to deliver the demos captured using relatively inexpensive webcams across the Internet.

Though originally designed to deliver the demo into a woodturning Clubs AV system it is just as easy to deliver it to the club members home computers, tablets or Smart Phones.

To view the IRD based demos only requires a basic computer system or a Smart Phone. it possible to simply use the installed brower, but downloading the Zoom software will result in much improved interface . Zoom is a very lightweight package and will download on the first connection.

BWA has already trialed the use of Zoom to connect with a number of members using Cindy Drozda as the 'host'. The club plans to use Zoom to continue holding club meetings. Some of these will include a demo captured using vMix and some will be basic chat sessions. Watch out for further notices on when these will be held.


There has been a significant amount of discussion concerning the security of the Zoom application.

The two main discussion points are the potential for Zoom 'bombing' where unwanted people join a Zoom session and the security of the Zoom 'Traffic'

Zoom 'Bombing:'BWA will use the option to add a password to the meeting invite. This will prevent any unwanted people joining the BWA meeting. Cindy Drozda also uses a password for the demo meetings she hosts. Note: the only real issue with Zoom bombing is those bombing the session usually 'shout' profanity.

Zoom Message Traffic:'This is slightly more complicated. The question is about end-to-end encryption of all traffic generated by Zoom. Ideally end-to-end encryption would mean all traffic between people on the end points, ie in the case of Cindy's demo, Cindy on one end and each of us on the other, would be encrypted such that only the people on the end points would know how to both encrypt and decrypt the messages.

Despite what is being said Zoom does encrypt the message traffic using the same procedure as is used when we use HTTPS, ie the way in which we pass our credit card details with any on-line purchases.. The issue appears to be that Zoom considers itself an end-point and therefore the message traffic can be seen in clear on the Zoom servers. However this is the same posting content to any of the social media sites, eg FaceBook, Instagram, etc.

For the meetings BWA hosts we will use a password in the URL link to the meeting and disable the ability to record any meeting and disable ability to use the 'show screen' menu option.

The one element that is end-to-end encrypted is the 'private' chat. So when you send a directed Chat message to a particular person that is encrypted between your computer, tablet or smart phone, and that of the recipient. Even so you should not be using directed chat messages to pass any disparaging comments.

BWA believes that, given the measures we are taking, the Zoom application is a safe method of delivering woodturning demos.

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BWA April Drop-In Session

The April Drop-In Sessions will feature a Pyrography Workshop with Mo Moncrieff-Jury

Now cancelled due to the Coronavirus

Competition Status


Totals Turner
1020Leigh Pawson

There were no entries in the Beginners Section for the January 2020 Club Night

Competition Status


Totals Turner
2038Justyn Fowler
1736Malcolm Cleaver
1727Richard Audsley
723Colin Burge
717Trevor Doran
15Viv Mitchell
88Chris Cox

Competition Status


Totals Turner
1735Stephen Evans
1020Harvey Grimwood
1717Charlie Hayes
10Peter Pearson

Competition Themes

JanSomething Old
FebSomething New
MarNo Meeting
AprSomething Blue
MaySomething Light
JunSomething Square
JulSomething Bright
AugSomething with Petals
SepSomething Holey
OctSomething with Metal
NovA Sum of the Parts
DecKeith Sherwood Comp

Highlights for 2020.

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Bracknell Town Council Spring Event

Now postponed due to the Coronavirus. Revised date to follow.


One of BWA's regular events

A small scale Craft Fair mainly for people in the local neighbourhood featuring local clubs and societies.

Generally well attended mainly by families with children. BWA will demonstrate woodturning, usually spinning tops, etc for the children attending.

An ideal event for your first go at demonstrating in public so why not give it a try in 2020.

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Dave Blundell turning at Jock's Lane in 2019.

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Maker's Central

The event has been postponed until 8th/9th of August 2020


Makers Central is back at the NEC, Brimingham for 2020

The show is designed to bring together makers, creators, hobbyists and artists from all over the world, to celebrate their passion in all things creative. It certainly does that.

And while you will find all sorts of crafts on show, woodturning is one of the main elements with a number of top turners and tool suppliers demonstrating

So why not give it a try in 2020 and get some inspiration not only from woodturners but also from the other craft practitioners you will find there.

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Our good friend Terry Smart at Maker's central 2019.

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Tim Yoder is coming to BWA

BWA Special Club Night


Tim Yoder is going to do a demo

Tim Yoder will be demonstrating at the AWGB Seminar in October.

And Roger Phebey our Event Secretary has managed to entice Tim Yoder to come to Priestwood and do a demonstration for BWA.

Tim is one of stars of YouTube and his videos are professionally produced because of his 'day job'. Outside of woodturning, Tim is a production manager at a local TV station, where he produced a whole series of excellent woodturning programmes.

Tim is not only a talented turner, but manages to inject a good deal of humour into his videos. Through his website Tim sells a number of relatively simple but extremely useful tools.

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Tim Yoder at the lathe