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competion judging

At Berkshire Woodturners we invite professional woodturners to our club nights to show us the techniques, tools and processes they use to turn their work in the hope that some of their expertise will appeal to our members.


competion judging

As well as the monthly demonstrations providing inspiration to our members, we encourage all our members of whatever turning standard to develop their turning skills through a regular monthly competition and bi-monthly turning workshops.


competion judging

Berkshire Woodturners are very active in the local community delivering demonstrations at Craft Fairs and similar local events, We also hold free Taster Sessions so local non-turners can give woodturning a try without having to go to the expense of buying all of the necessary equipment.

Future BWA Activities

Wednesday 21 November - BWA Club Night

Stuart King, an old friend and regular visitor to Berkshire Woodturners will be our demonstrator

As well as being a brilliant woodturner who demonstrates to local woodturning clubs, Stuart is also a well respected historian who is interetsted particularly in the Beech Woods in the area of the Chilterns around High Wycombe.

Stuart has appeared numerous times on television sharing his passion for the history of the Chiltern Beech woods and the crafts and trades associated with them.

Stuart King

Saturday 1 December - Meadow Quilter's Christmas Fair - Charvil Village Hall

Berkshire Woodturners have been invited to take part in the Meadow Quilter's Christmas Fair at Charvil Village Hall.

We will be selling various woodturning items, but not doing woodturning demonstrations. So if you have any turned items you would like to sell bring them along to the November Club Night. Please put a label on them with your name and the price you would like them to be sold for. Clearly Christmas themed items will probably sell well but any turned item might be submitted

The Christmas Fair is to raise funds for The Alexander Devine Hospice for Children which is situated in Maidenhead. BWA will be making a donation to the charity so all proceeds from the sale of the items will be given to those who submitted the item

Meadow Quilters

Wednesday 19 December - BWA Club Night

The December Club Night is the BWA Christmas Social. This year we plan to revert to the way the social was run a few years ago and invite wives, husbands, partners and other associated "ne'er do wells" along to join in.

As with previous years we will run the Keith Sherwin Trophy so bring along your favourite piece turned this year. Remember members partners will be present and will have a vote in the competition, so an eye-catching piece might do well.

Based on the success of last years live turning competition we will be turning spinning tops on the club lathes. And the winner will be the top that spins the longest! So hunt out those spinning top designs that guarantee a long spin and practice the technique needed to get them spinning.

We will do the prize giving for the years competitions and the overall best turner so you might get your picture taken with the club president.

There will be the traditional Bran Tub, so bring along something to put in it as you can only dip your hand in if you have brought something along to go in the tub. The club will provide some wine and soft drinks. Please bring along something for everyone to eat. This might be sweet or savoury.


Wednesday 16th January - BWA Club Night

Our first demonstrator in 2019 will be Jenny Starbuck.

Jenny lives fairly close by and is the Secretary of the Surrey Association of Woodturners.

Jenny turns some delicate, beautifully decorated items and is always a joy to watch.

Jennie Starbuck Piece

Previous Months BWA Activities

Wednesday 16 September - BWA Summer Workshop

The 2nd BWA Summer Workshop was held at Rob Legge's Eversley Workshop. The topic selected was turning simple boxes. Rob Legge demonstrated the basic method of turning a box based on some work done previously by Rob in conjunction with Bill Riley. The intent was to show how to ensure the box lid and base fitted appropriately while retaining the grain across the join.

As part of the workshop, a number of the tools brought along by those attending were sharpened either on the Robert Sorby 'ProEdge' or Tormek sharpening systems.

The mentors did a great job and wonderul time was had by one and all so we hope to see some boxes being turned in the monthly competition.

Many thanks to Rob for the use of his workshop and, along with Jack, creating some suitable blanks for use on the day.

Rob Legge Demonstrates

Wednesday 19th September - BWA Club Night

As we did not have a demonstrator for the September Club Night we considered using the evening as a practical evening turning some different Christmas Decoration. However, Richard Maynard then volunteered to step in at the very last moment and with very little preparation time.

Richard provided a fascinating demo by 'melting down' some plastic milk bottles, thus giving a means of re-cycling these bottles. The plastic bottles used were made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Richard melted the bottles and their coloured lids to create a colourful blank which he then attached the blank to a piece of timber. This was then mounted on the lathe and turned to create a bowl

We hope to describe the process in more detail in a subsequent newsletter.

Richard Maynard Demoing

Sunday 14th October - BWA Summer Workshop

The 3rd BWA Summer Workshop was again held at Rob Legge's Eversley Workshop. The topic selected was turning a simple bowl. As before Rob Legge demonstrated the basic method of turning a bowl using a screw chuck to hold the blank while turning the base of the bowl and a tenon which was then used to hold the bowl so the inside of the bowl could be hollowed. A fairly basic shape of bowl was used.

All those who took part seemed to enjoy the experience. The bowls were taken away to be finished at home. The mentors did a great job and wonderul time was had by one and all so we hope to see some boxes being turned in the monthly competition.

Many thanks to Rob for the use of his workshop and for doing the initial demonstration. Also many thanks to the mentors who gave up their time

Dave Blundell keeping a watchful eye

Wednesday 17th October - BWA Club Night

The October Club Night is always the BWA Annual General Meeting. We tried to limit the time taken for the AGM business so we could have a show and tell session and a brief description of some options for turning Christmas themed items in preparation for the Charvil Christmas Fair.

In the AGM, our President and Chairman thanked the committee for their sterling work during the year. In particular he thanked Dave Blundell who was standing down as General Secretary.

Viv Mitchell provide a breakdown of the club accounts. The club is in a sound financial position though only a small profit was made in 2018 due to a couple of significant purchases having been made.

On the election of officers, Shirley Hays was un-animously elected to the post of General Secretary and Roger Phebey was elected as a committee member bringing the committee up to its full compliment

Richard Maynard Demoing

Monday 22nd October - An Ash Tree in Eversley

A neighbour of Rob Legge had taken down an Ash tree on the drive leading up to his house. He offered the tree to BWA through Rob so a working party with chainsaws, a couple of trailers and, fortunately, some significant muscle was organised by David Blundell to collect the timber for storage at Rob's house.

This was a significant tree and took the club a couple of days work simply to split the trunk into moveable chunks. Many thanks to John Underwood, Shirley Hays and husband Paul, Rob Legge, Brian Attewell and Dave Blundell for all their efforts.

However we now have a large number of sizeable Ash turning blanks to be sold at the BWA auction. What is not clear in the picture is that there are two rows of significant blanks behind the large blanks at the front of the pile!!

Eversley Ash Tree

Sunday 28th October - Surrey Association of Woodturners Open Day

BWA have attended the SAW Open Day for a number of years. We are invited to take part in the Inter-Club Competition and also have a demonstration stand on which we show off some of the items turned by club members.

This year the stand and demonstrations were run by Viv Mitchell, Bob Baylis and Keith Mosley.

You will see from the photograph alongside the club did really well in the individual Competition with Charlie Hayes getting third overall and both Peter Osbourn and Harvey Grimwood getting 'Highly Commended'.

Many BWA members visited the Show during the day. Thanks go to those who provided items for the Competition table and especially to Bob and Viv for giving up their Sunday.

SAW Open Day